Slow stitch

Slow stitch Просмотров: 20 - 13 январь 2019
Название: Slow stitch Автор: Claire Wellesley-Smith Издательство: Batsford Год: 2015 Формат: pdf Страниц: 222 Для сайта: [url=][/url] Размер: 11,93 Мб Язык: английский Sometimes less is more—and quality is more important than quantity. That's true in textile art too, and this much-needed guide brings a meaningful, thoughtful, and sustainable approach to stitchery. See how to slow down and experience more joy in your craft by trying simple techniques based on traditional practice, reusing and reinventing materials, and limiting equipment. Richly illustrated throughout, this inspirational book will connect with those who seek a new way of working—whether it's starting a stitch journal or joining a community of like-minded artists.


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